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Term & Conditon

The Terms & Conditions are very obligatory part. If we embark on our new journey. Before enrolling name in the registration form, you must have browsed the details of it.

  1. The home tutors provide a platform to find well experienced & professional teachers at your doorstep.2. Charges may vary with the EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATION of the teachers.
  2. THE HOME TUTORS do not Charge for demo class & registration.
  3. You are advised not to give advance payment to the teacher directly. THE HOME TUTORS will not be responsible for any fees/payment   without proper receipt.
  4. We request you not to connect with the teachers directly or indirectly from any kind. (In such all cases, we don’t provide any kind of guaranty, safety, security, fee refund etc.)
  5. THE HOME TUTORS take ID & ADD. Proof from registered tutors for safety & security purpose, you are requested to take ID Proof of Tutor either from THE HOME TUTORS or from Tutor himself & verify the same for your satisfaction.
  6. We request you to be available at your home when teacher teaches your child.
  7. You understand that home tutors need to be treated with respect and dignity. Further, you agree to provide in your home an environment conducive to one on one study.
  8. THE HOME TUTORS take advance fee within first week of class starting.
  9. You may pay fee online or by calling our executive to your home or to the Teacher also after taking confirmation for the same from THT.
  10. You are requested to take Invoice of fee & receipt of every payment.
  11. Be aware with the refund policy. You understand that in the case where the tutor fails to deliver all or part of the scheduled tuitions, The Home Tutors will facilitate finding a replacement tutor for you within a reasonable period. In case we are not able to find replacement tutor for you within 15 working days, you will be refunded your value not utilized on proportionate basis.
  1. Registration Charges
  2. The payment dates to teachers are 11/12, 21/22, 01/02.
    Fee received From date 1 to 10 will be paid on 11/12.
    Fee received from 11 to 20 will be paid on 21/22
    Fee received from 21 to 31 will be paid on 01/02.
    We settle the accounts of the teachers on monthly basis on date 13,14 & 15.
  3. A tutor warrants that he/she is of at least 18 years of age, and having necessary qualifications experience to give tutoring in the Syllabus Specified by the tutor on his/her profile.
  4. We don’t promise to provide any targeted leads to any teachers.
  5. Assignment are allocated based on teacher’s profile (mainly Locality, Experience, Age, qualification) & client’s requirement.
  6. We Provide the quotation for tuition/assignment vie CALL/SMS/WHATSAPP Broadcast.
  7. We request you not to connect with the Client directly or indirectly from any kind.(In such all cases we don't provide any kind of guaranty, safety, security, fee payment etc.)
  8. The tutors are not allowed to discontinue any tuition, once started, before the end of annual exams. If any tutor does so, he/she will not get any tuition/assignment in the future and payment of the one complete month will not be made to the tutor as penalty.
  9. We request you to be punctual & regular.
  10. The Home Tutors will take all responsible precautions to keep the tutors detail secure but will not be liable for unauthorized information provided by the tutors.
  11. You should have any Photo ID Card having proper address proof:-

    Such as Voter ID Card, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Passport, Bank Passbook etc.

  12. You have to short out any kind of query between client and you, Our THT can give you legal help if you Have proof of that however we recommend our teachers NOT TO CONNECT with the clients DIRECTLY without THT's permission.
  13. If you get NEW ASSIGNMENT from the reference of old assignment, you have to give us Consultation Fee as per Rule.
  14. Registration can be cancelled, if you are found to go beyond the rules & regulation or found to do any misconduct or fraud to the party or Associate or for below reason :

    Consecutive Failure of 3 Assignment by any reason. 4th chance depends upon the circumstances & situation. If a subscribed tutor is not responding to the CALL/SMS/E-MAIL alert of the THT or the Student/Parent. If a Subscribed Tutor share the tuition Detail with their friends/ colleagues or other person.Tutors who breach our terms of service.

  15. THT management has the right to block tutors profile without giving prior notice, if any complaints from the student/parent like not responding to the call/SMS/email alerts incompetence, misappropriate behavior, lack of punctuality etc. is found.
  16. The tutor profile must contains with tutors latest photograph, updated resume, present address and valid personal mobile number, E-mail id.
  17. THE HOME TUTORS reserves all the rights to change all or any of these above mentioned Terms & Conditions with or without giving any prior notice at any time.