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  1. When am I billed?

    You are billed at the beginning of your billing cycle every month. Your billing cycle is determined by the date on which your paid membership was activated. E.g. if you are making the payments for the first time on Jan 11th, your billing cycle would be from Jan 11th - Feb 10th.

  2. How many inquiries/requirements do I get every month?

    There is no cap on the number of inquiries you get every month irrespective of your membership status. We send you all the inquiries. Mention Minimum leads on every package.

  3. Is there a limit on the number of inquiries I can respond?

    No, there is no limit on the number of inquiries irrespective of your membership status. If you are registered as an Individual and have opted for free membership you can respond to all inquiries every month. THT charged consultant fee from those tutors. 
    If you have opted for paid membership, you can respond to maximum of inquiries every month.

  4. I'm trying to apply against a user inquiry. Why am I being asked to upgrade?

    Every member has a limit to the number of inquiries you can respond. THT shared with client details as per your membership plans. When you try to respond to inquiries above & beyond the limit allowed for your membership status, you would be asked to upgrade to paid membership. If you want to remain a free member, you must wait until the THT Team arrange your demo class as per your profile.

  5. I am registered as a paid member. I'm not receiving any inquiries/requirements from users?

    Please contact us at with your profile details and we'll work with you to optimize your membership and help you get relevant inquiries from our users.

  6. How do I request a refund?

    1. Please note that your premium membership amount is charged at the beginning of your billing cycle. We will be able to refund your membership charges only if you will not response for a single query.
    2. At THE HOME TUTORS, we try our level best to offer our best services to our customers. If you need any assistance about our services, we will be more than happy to work with you to help meet your needs.
    3. You may reach out to us at anytime. We will get back to you within 2 working (business) days to provide the best of our services.

  1. How do I book a tuition through THT?

    We provide 2 option simply 

    1. Just visit and manage your booking within a min.
    2. Call us +91 9999149, 9999149154
  2. How can I find the best deal available with THT?

    We also love to make you surprise by providing you the exciting discount & offers. Visit scroll down and check out the best available deals for you.

  3. Will I get the Add., ID proof of Teacher?

    Yes, THT Provide you all relevant document related to teacher education & address proof.

  4. Can I take one or more demo?

    THT chance to choose you Best Teachers for your child. If you want demo class from more than 1 tutor, it is possible.

  5. Will I have to pay for Demo?

    1 demo class free from THT, if you want take more classes then you must pay for another classes.

  6. I don’t want to continue even after demo & payment of fee will I get refund?

    Yes, THT will refund your amount on pro-rata basis.

  7. If I decided to with one teacher but afterwards I am not comfortable with him/her. Will I have to continue with him/ her only?

    No, THT will replace teacher within 2 days.

  8. Should I pay fee to teacher directly?

    THT not allowed to pay directly to the teacher. If you pay direct to the teacher THT will be not responsible.

  9. Will I get invoice & receipt of payment?

    Yes, THT provide invoice each & every month to our client.

  10. If a teacher discontinues after some time. I will get refund or replacement teacher?

    Yes, THT will be refund on pro-rata basis or Replace teacher within 2 days.

  11. Can I pay after completion of month?

    Yes, It will be possible.

  12. How can I pay fee?

    1. Through Paytm on 9999149153
    2. Payment gateway
    3. (Link)Cash

  13. Is it safe to trust a stranger with my kid?

    Yes, All teachers verified with us. But THT recommended to all parent to take class at presence of yourself.

  1. How will I get my payment?

    THT pay to the Tutor by Net-banking when Parent pay us.

  2. Can I directly receive payment from parents?

    THT not allowed to collect fee directly to the Parent, if THT direct you to collect fee then you have to pay our consultant fee within 3 working days.

  3. Will I have to pay for registration?

    No, There is no any registration Charge.

  4. What documents is required for registration?

    Photo, Address & Qualification Proof at the time of registration.

  5. Is there any agreement between teacher and THT?

    THT provide you agreement Paper when THT provides you any assignment.

  6. Will I get paid for Demo?

    No, Demo is Free.

  7. I am not comfortable with my current tuition & I want to discontinue a tuition. How would i?

    Yes, it is possible but you must inform to the THT at least 1 Month before.